Research within the URPP “Financial Market Regulation” was originally divided into three parts, each consisting of two key subjects. These subjects cover essential areas of financial market law.

Subproject 1: Investment Banking and Wealth Management

  1. Wealth Management: investment advice, asset management, investment funds, investor protection
  2. Investment Banking: issuance of securities, marketing, insider dealing, market manipulation, market and corporate disclosure

Subproject 2: System Stability

  1. Payment systems, good business conduct, remuneration and bonuses
  2. Deposit insurance, capital adequacy, too big to fail, ratings, enforcement

Subproject 3: International Financial Markets Law

  1. Switzerland’s contribution to international financial organisations (IMF, World Bank, BIS, FSB etc.); Switzerland’s representation in academic financial market forums; co-operation between FINMA, SNB and foreign financial supervisory authorities/central banks or European organisations
  2. Coherence between European and Swiss financial market law, mutual administrative and legal assistance (including tax/banking secrecy)

From the second phase onwards, a new network-type structure (cluster) was adopted in practice, in the expectation that this would encourage even stronger exchange and cooperation between projects as opposed within strands (pillars).  Since 2016, the set-up and format of the annual conferences bear witness to the fruitful implementation of the new collaboration structure. For reference purposes, the orginal structure is still used.