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36th Forum Financial Market Regulation of 27 September 2017

Mark-Oliver Baumgarten has been working as an economic attorney in Zurich for more than 20 years. He is an economic consultant with his own office in Basel and supports as consultant and attorney Mercury Compliance in Zurich, a specialist law firm specializing in financial markets. In this forum, he will address the new Swiss market regulation Fidleg and FINIG in their impact on the relationship between the bank and the external asset manager. Please see for further details the invitation.

Invitation (PDF, 257 KB)





Symposium of 3 November 2017

Topic: Blockchain from a central Bank Perspective

This one-day symposium, jointly organized by the Universities of Zurich and Lucerne, brings togetherexperts from central banks, the financial services industry and academia in order to discuss legal, economic and technical ramifications of central bank digital currencies and blockchain-based securities.

Invitation Blockchain from a central banking perspective (PDF, 1282 KB)










Past events:

5th Annual Conference of the URPP of 14 June 2017

Topic:                     Corporate Governance of financial institutions
Keynote-Speech:      Walter B. Kielholz (Swiss Re)

Topics: Which lessions were learnt from the financial crisis?  Are the reforms effective? What is the position of Switzerland in an international comparison? Is there a best practice of corporate governance with regards to financial institutions?

Speakers: Prof. Kern Alexander (UZH), H.E. Etsuro Honda (Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation, Ambassador for Financial & Economic Affairs in Europe), Andreas Ita (UBS), Dr. Reto Schiltknecht (FINMA) and Prof. Alexander Wagner (UZH, SFI).

Date: Wednesday, 14  June 2017, 9:30am-5:30 pm (incl.reception)

Venue: University of Zurich, Rämistrasse 74, 8001 Zurich (RAI-G-41)

Datum: Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017, 9:30-17:30 Uhr inkl. Apéro

Ort: Universität Zürich, Rämistrasse 74, 8001 Zürich (RAI-G-41)


Kern Alexander Praesentation_Kern Alexander (PDF, 1264 KB)
Alexander Wagner
Andreas Ita Praesentation_Andreas Ita (PDF, 319 KB)
Reto Schiltknecht Praesentation_Reto Schiltknecht (PDF, 317 KB)
H.E. Etsuro Honda Praesentation_H E Etsuro Honda (PDF, 1377 KB)

Detail about the programme can be found in the "Einladung" and in the conference report.

Einladung Jahrestagung 2017 (PDF, 818 KB)

Link to conference report (PDF, 261 KB)



35th Forum Financial Market Regulation of 1 June 2017

Bruno Dorner from the Swiss State Secretariat for International Financial Matters (SIF) gave some background to the Federal Financial Services Act and Financial Institutions Act.

Please see the invitation and the presentation for further information.

FF_35 Presentation (PDF, 172 KB)

Invitation (PDF, 230 KB)


34th Forum Financial Market Regulation of 23 May 2017

Dr. Monica Mächler (attorney-at-law, board member of various financial service providers) discussed the issues surrounding the new insurance regulation. This talk was held in German.

Please see the invitation for further information.

Invitation (PDF, 236 KB)

FF 34_Praesentation (PDF, 61 KB)



33rd Forum Financial Market Regulation of 3 May 2017

Pierre M. Gentin (Partner, Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP, New York; Lecturer, MBA Program, Wharton School of Business, Philadelphia) draws on twenty-five years of experience including nearly two decades as a senior in-house lawyer for a Swiss-based financial services company and as a lawyer at the U.S. Department of Justice, to describe how American regulatory investigations have evolved over the years, and to consider what effect the recent American election may have on U.S. investigations of European companies in the future. There are no slides available.

Invitation (PDF, 250 KB)


FINTECH SYMPOSIUM 13 March 2017, Zurich

FinTech, a new challenge for deposit insurance?


On Monday, 13 March 2017 everybody interested in the question whether or not „FinTech Poses New Challenges for Deposit Insurers“ should come to Zurich, Switzerland. Why? Because on this day EFDI, esisuisse and the URPP Financial Regulation of the University of Zurich will host a conference at the university dealing with exactly this question.

The scope of the symposium will include new forms of deposits such as crowdfunding, mobile subscription or e-payment. Deposits in virtual currencies like Bitcoin and new cross-border settings will also be dealt with. All these new factors bear the risk of deposits “disappearing” in unexpected ways which will most probably lead to special regulation for start-ups and new legislation for FinTech companies (RegTech). The speakers will also consult the famous crystal ball and discuss legal and technical developments.

Who will these experts be? Representatives from the University of Zurich and other academics will address the audience. Specialists from various central banks, regulators, venture capital experts, as well as IADI (International Association of Deposit Insurers) and EFDI (European Forum of Deposit Insurers) representatives will speak at this symposium addressing issues that could not be more topical.

Updated Programme (PDF, 752 KB)

Nadia Manzari Presentation_Manzari (PDF, 596 KB)
Presentation_Schaefer_new (PDF, 422 KB)
Presentation_Schaad (PDF, 1079 KB)
R. Wyss/
S. Bucherer
Presentation_Wyss_Bucherer (PDF, 326 KB)
Presentation_Stevenson_new (PDF, 743 KB)
Juan Carlos
Presentation_Lopez (PDF, 534 KB)
De Lisa
Presentation_De Lisa (PDF, 797 KB)
Rolf H.
C. Zellweger-
Presentation_Zellweger-Gutknecht (PDF, 95 KB)


32. Forum Financial Market Regulation of 3 March 2017

Prof. Gregor Matvos (Universität Chicago, Booth School of Business) gave a presentation about the market for financial adviser misconduct. This forum took place in co-operation with the Department of Banking & Finance at the University of Zurich. 

More information can be found in the invitation and the paper.


Paper (PDF, 1038 KB)



31. Forum Financial Market Regulation of 28 February 2017

Richard Olsen (Lykke Corp.) and Dr. Martin Hess (Partner, Wenger & Vieli) presented the new global market exchange "Lykke".

Further information can be found in the invitation and in the presentation.


Presentation (PDF, 2816 KB)


30th Forum Financial Market Regulation of 1 December 2016

Prof. Florian P. Ederer from the Yale School of Management talked about the issues arising from common ownership, competition and top mangement. Further detail can be found in the invitation and in the paper.

Invitation (PDF, 253 KB)

Paper (PDF, 598 KB)


The 3rd FIDLEG-Symposium of the URPP took place on Wednesday, 09 November 2016.


Topic:                FIDLEG - Distribution and Sale of financial products

Presenters:       Luca Bianchi, RA, Niederer Kraft & Frey AG
                            Stephanie Comtesse, RAin, Bär & Karrer AG
                            Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Thorsten Hens, IBF, UZH
                            Prof. Dr. iur. Rolf Sethe, RWI, UZH  
                            Stefan Simon, RA, HSW Legal AG

Please find further information in the invitation below.

Einladung (PDF, 2147 KB)

Präsentationen (PDF, 2956 KB)


The 29th Forum Financial Market Regulation of 25 October 2016

Prof. Werner Hildenbrand from the University of Bonn discussed Thomas Piketty's analysis in the best-selling book "Le Capital au XXIe siècle". The talk was in English. Further detail can be found in the invitation.

Invitation (PDF, 272 KB)

Paper (PDF, 308 KB)



The 28th Forum Financial Market Regulation of 19 October 2016


Prof. Arthur B. Laby from the Rutgers Law School (The State University of New Jersey, USA) will talk about the fiduciary structure of investement management regulation. The talk is in English. Further detail can be found in the invitation.

Invitation (PDF, 231 KB)

Paper (PDF, 371 KB)


The 27th Forum Financial Market Regulation of 22 September 16


Dr. Michel Kähr from FINMA will talk about reorganisation law and insurance companies. The talk is in German. Further detail can be found in the invitation.

Invitation (PDF, 243 KB)

Präsentation (PDF, 323 KB)


4 th Annual Conference of the University Research Priority Project (URPP) Financial Market Regulation of 8 June 2016

Subject:     "FinTech: New Challenges for the Legislator and the Supervisor"

The programme for the conference and further information is outlined in the invitation (please refer to the link below). 

Invitation (PDF, 2080 KB)

Abraham Bernstein Big Data: Herausforderung oder Chance für die FinTech Industrie? (PDF, 11979 KB)
Urs Haeusler Schweizer Regulierung aus FinTech Sicht und im internationalen Vergleich (PDF, 1689 KB)
Thomas Puschmann Überblick über das FinTech Ökosystem der Schweiz (PDF, 3644 KB)
Gerhard Schwabe Mensch oder Maschine - wie wird zukünftig beraten? (PDF, 1166 KB)
Rolf H. Weber Regulierung von Robo-Advice (PDF, 374 KB)

Media reports on the 4th annual conference of the URPP Financial Market Regulation:

Media report in the UZH news

Media report in the Unternehmerzeitung

Farewell Lecture Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber of 31 May 2016

Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber gave his farewell lecture on the subject of

"Framework for and Directions of Global Legal Developments"
("Rahmen und Wege für globale Rechtsentwicklungen") 

Invitation (PDF, 168 KB)

Zurich meets London - a Festival of two Cities      17-21 May 2016

Within the framework of the Zurich meets London festival, the University of Zurich and the London School of Economics & Political Science organised a public panel discussion on the subject of

"Financial Market Regulation: Exploring the impact of MiFID II"

Presentations and Panel Discussion:
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens                          Financial Economics, University of Zurich 
Prof. Dr. Niamh Moloney  Law, London School of Economics & Political Science
Prof. Dr. Kern Alexander Law & Finance, University of Zurich
Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber  Civil, Commercial and European Law, University of Zurich

Date:                  Thursday, May 19, 2016                  

Venue:                Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Council Chamber, Charles
                            Clore House, 17 Russel Square, London

Time:                  6:00 - 7:30 p.m., followed by a short reception  

Admission:        free 

Invitation / Programme (PDF, 7501 KB)

Website "Zurich meets London"

26th  Forum Financial Market Regulation on 10 May 2016

Rodolfo Straub, Head SIX Exchange Regulation, will give a lecture about the implication of the new  financial markets regulation on the Swiss stock exchange.

"Between the Federal Financial Market Infrastructure Act and the Financial Services Act - the view from the Swiss Exchange"

Further detail can be found in the invitation.

Invitation (PDF, 238 KB)

Presentation (PDF, 480 KB)

25th  Forum Financial Market Regulation on 12 April 2016

Prof. Dr. Niamh Moloney of the London School of Economics will give a lecture about consumer protection issues in financial market regulation.This will be followed by a short talk on the Swiss perspective by Prof. Dr. Franca Contratto.

"Consumer Protection Issues in Financial Market Regulation"

Further detail can be found in the invitation.

Einladung (PDF, 235 KB)

Presentation (PDF, 4531 KB)

24th  Forum Financial Market Regulation on 6 April 2016

Prof. Dr. Niamh Moloney of the London School of Economics will speak about the new MiFID II regulation and its implications for cross-border banking. This will be followed by a short talk on the Swiss perspective by Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber.

"MiFID II and its implications for Cross-border Banking"

Further detail can be found in the invitation.

Invitation (PDF, 256 KB)

Presentation (PDF, 5512 KB)

"FIDLEG special - Assurances" – Seminar on 17 March 2016

Conference on the implications of a future FFSA (Federal Financial Services Act) on the insurance sector.
Organiser: Europe Institute at the University of Zurich in collaboration with the URPP Financial Market Regulation

Chairpersons:      Prof. Dr. Helmut Heiss, Dr. iur. Ulrike Mönnich, Prof. Dr. Rolf Sethe 

Venue:                    Kongresshaus Zurich, Gotthardstrasse 5, 8002 Zürich 
                                Kammermusiksaal, Entrance"V" 

Invitation (PDF, 653 KB)

23nd Forum Financial Market Regulation on 15 March 2016

 Attorney-at-law Daniel Zuberbühler, former vice-president of the FINMA and member of a bank's board of directors, gave a talk on the subject of

"Risikomanagement als Kernaufgabe - Erfahrungen eines Ex-Regulators, Beraters und Bankverwaltungsrates"

Further detail can be found in the invitation.

Invitation (PDF, 253 KB)

Presentation (PDF, 1674 KB)

22nd Forum Financial Market Regulation on 10 March 2016

Prof. Dr. Christos Gortsos of Panteion University Athens gave a speech on the subject of

"The vicious circle between sovereign and banking crises: case studies from the euro area and policy responses"

Further detail can be found in the invitation.

Invitation (PDF, 240 KB)

Presentation (long version) (PDF, 445 KB)

Presentation (short version) (PDF, 225 KB)

Article Prof. Gortsos on the Greek Fiscal Crisis (PDF, 273 KB)

List of Publications (PDF, 39 KB)

2nd Symposium on the FFSA (Federal Financial Services Act) on 3 February 2016

Topic:              "FIDLEG oder FIDLEG light? - Richtungsenetscheide der Botschaft 
                          des Bundesrates"

Speakers:       Dr. iur. René Bösch, Attorney-at-law
                          Alex Geissbühler, Attorney-at-law
                          Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Thorsten Hens 
                          Prof. Dr. iur. Rolf Sethe 

Fee:                   CHF 100.- including coffee break refreshments

Invitation (PDF, 2103 KB)

René Bösch
Alex Geissbühler
Thorsten Hens
Rolf Sethe