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URPP Financial Market Regulation

Note on the Event Series

Public Events 

The URPP Financial Market Regulation holds several series of events. The section headed  „Public Events“ contains information about events which are open to everyone interested, but whose contents are mostly relevant to an expert audience. The following events fall into this category:

Forum Financial Market Regulation 

The Forums constitute a practice-based Brown Bag workhop series. Once a month during each term a researcher or a practitioner gives a presentation on a current topic in financial market law. The presentation is followed by an open discussion of the topic.  

Symposiums and other Half-Day Events 

The URPP half-day events aim to cover a topic from different angles using insights both from research and practice. After an introductory presentation by each expert, a plenary discussion addresses open questions from the audience.  

Annual Conferences 

The annual conference is a two-day scientific event which focuses on one of the three key research areas of the URPP Financial Market Regulation on a rotating basis. Speakers include not only well-known national as well as international academics and pracitioners, but also young researchers who present their ongoing research. Each presentation is followed by a panel discussion. 

Internal Events 

Internal events of the URPP Financial Market Regulation are exclusive to an audience within the university. Information regarding these events is, however, made public on this website.